Principal's Message

Coons Photo 2016

June 16th, 2017

It's been a long road from Berkeley, California in 1998 here to Kitsap County and the end of my time leading CKHS. In those 19 years, Central Kitsap High School has become my home away from home, filled with memories and relationships I will cherish forever. Whether teaching German, Social Studies, ELD or being an Intern and Assistant Principal at CK, this time in my life has been eventful, to say the least. Through the years of 2000 to today, we have transitioned to a 9-12 high school, weathered the budget storm of 2009 and beyond, achieved three accreditations, received two Washington Achievement Awards for Closing the Achievement Gap, have undergone a complete technology restructuring and a coming 1:1 device status beginning next fall, been listed in the nation’s top 2% of all public high schools by the Washington Post for all of those years, and in February of 2016 passed a bond that will re-build CKHS into a 21st Century facility. It's hard to believe that all of that has happened, and yet when I look at the team we have assembled and the Dedication to Excellence all around us, I think these are natural by-products of a talented group of staff, students, and community members that really care about students and put CK on the map. I will always be proud of these things we have accomplished together. 

As you probably all know, in finishing my years at Central Kitsap High School today, I will transition to support the building of New CKHS for some time, and then as the District’s Athletic Director later this year. At the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year, it is our family's plan to return to the Bay Area and continue life close to family members who need us. I am looking forward to cultivating old professional and personal relationships near Berkeley again. Who knows what I will ultimately do in finishing my career. Perhaps resuming work as a high school administrator, educational consultant, a collegiate admissions officer or teacher preparation supervisor can be in my future. My greatest comfort is the confidence you have all helped me develop for the next stages in life. Change is scary, but it is also good.

I have loved every minute of being the principal at Central Kitsap High School. It has been a half-career filled with hopes and dreams, success and challenges. I am extremely proud of the students, families, staff and our wider school community who have supported us, not only to national recognition year over year, but also to this point of re-invention. I think the future is extremely bright for our school. With a new building and a 21st century infrastructure and campus, the sky is the limit for the generations that are about to come through Central Kitsap High School. The prospect of hosting athletic, social, musical, technical and theatrical events on this brand new campus on a grand scale from 2019 on is wonderful to think about. Though “Old CKHS” has served us phenomenally well since 1924, this community and our students deserve the next page of the historical scrolls that will make up Central Kitsap’s legacy. Our entire school community has played a vital part in making this dream come closer to reality, and I have been privileged to be able to come along for the ride. There are too many of you to name and thank in my list of those whom I will miss tremendously, but I would especially like to thank Franklyn Mackenzie and John Cervinsky for their inspiration and constant encouragement. Without their support, leading at Central Kitsap High School would have been very difficult indeed, if not impossible. Thank you all for a wonderful time at CK, and I look forward to seeing you all in the fall in a new capacity. Go Cougars!

Stephen J. Coons
Central Kitsap High School
Twitter: @Principal_Coons