HIV/AIDS Parent Meeting
HIV/AIDS Parent Meeting
Posted on 12/06/2016

Dear Parents of CK High 10, 11, 12 graders,

Each year approximately 50,000 cases of HIV/AIDS are diagnosed in the U.S.  Nearly half of those cases are in young people ages 25 and under.  Recent advances – easy detection tests and combination medications that only need to be taken once daily – can lull us into complacency about this disease.  Although HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence, it is a life sentence.

In 1988, the Washington state legislature passed the AIDS Omnibus Act, RCW 28A.230.070.  This act mandates HIV/AIDS prevention education beginning in Grade 5 and continuing through Grade 12.  The Central Kitsap School District has adopted the KNOW curriculum for HIV prevention education with the advice of educators, parents, and community members.  Link to KNOW Curriculum:

A Parent Night preview will be held to provide parents of 10th, 11th and 12th grade students an opportunity to preview the HIV/AIDS prevention education materials.  This will also enable you and your child to have some meaningful family discussions about this topic both before and after the classroom presentation. 

Parent Night Preview Schedule


January 4th


7:00 pm


CK High School


Room 304


Following a preview of the materials, an opt-out form will be available to parents who wish to have their student excused from participation in the HIV/AIDS prevention program.  Parents are required by state law (RCW 28A.230.070) to view the HIV/AIDS materials for the grade level of their child before withdrawing their child from the HIV/AIDS portion of the instruction

I look forward to seeing you and discussing this important topic with you.


Nancy Ferland

HIV/AIDS Curriculum Specialist

Central Kitsap School District