Central Kitsap High School dances are for CKHS students and their guests. To bring a guest, students must obtain a Guest Pass. No guest may be 21 years of age or older. No guest passes are issued the night of the dance. No blank guest passes are issued. Each pass is for a specific person.

Students are expected to follow the dance rules and procedures as follows:

  • All school rules apply
  • Administration must pre-approve all guests.
  • A sheriff will be on duty for the duration of the dance
  • Students and guests are admitted at the door and must present a Photo ID card. (School, Military or driver’s license ID is accepted)
  • Students will not be allowed to re-enter after leaving the dance.
  • Central Kitsap High School dress code applies at all school-sponsored events.
  • All CKHS dances are formal/semi-formal events. It is both the guest’s and the student’s responsibility to read and know the Dress Code for Dances. These rules are posted and it is required that all students read and sign off that they have read the rules before purchasing a ticket.
  • Tickets will not be sold at the door or venue.
  • Personal bags or backpacks brought into a dance are subject to search.


Dance Etiquette

Inappropriate suggestive dance movements will not be tolerated nor will freak dancing or grinding. Staff will follow their best judgment on CKHS “Dance Code Etiquette” to determine inappropriate dancing. A warning will be given if the dancing is perceived as inappropriate and may be followed by consequences if the warning is not adhered to.

Consequences: Two warnings will be given to students displaying inappropriate dancing. If warned for a 3rd time, you and your guest may be removed from the dance and may be sent home. Refunds will not be issued for students sent home. This policy also applies to guests attending CKHS dances on a guest pass.