7AM to 5PM Monday - Wednesday. 
7AM to 3:30PM Thursday and Friday

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Steve Trunkey                             

Teacher Librarian

Tracy Kohlbeck
Library Clerk
7am to 2:30pm

Nicole Fischer
Library Clerk

12pm to 3:30pm

Paul Birkenfeld
CK at Night Supervision
3:30 to 5pm, Monday to Wednesday

A Wikipedia Definition for a Library Commons:

Learning commons, also known as scholars' commons, information commons or digital commons, are learning spaces, similar to libraries and classrooms that share space for information technology, remote or online education, tutoring, collaboration, content creation, meetings, socialization, playing games and studying.

To this definition, we add reading and quiet contemplation. While this definition captures the essence of
the space we are providing, it requires that all participants recognize that behavior must be respectful, cooperative, and cognizant of the needs of others.