Incidents on Campus

Each school has its own team and a plan for preventing and responding to a variety of situations. School staff and others throughout the district can support students during and after an incident. During a situation at a school, the principal will focus on ensuring students and staff are safe. He or she will monitor possible risks and coordinate the response.


If there is an unsafe situation at or near a school, the school may go on lockdown. Schools have lockdown drills several times a year. During a lockdown, we ask students to closely follow teacher and staff instructions. When needed, we work closely with law enforcement to keep students safe.

You may hear of two types of lockdowns at a school:

  • Full lockdown: When there is a serious threat to a school, school staff will announce a full lockdown. External and classroom doors and windows are locked. Staff will direct students away from doors and windows and give other instructions to increase safety. Students will be asked to silence their cell phones and other electronic devices. This will help keep them safe and avoid overwhelming cellular networks.

  • Modified lockdowns: Schools may go on modified lockdown when there are threats in a neighborhood, but not directed at the school. This may happen when law enforcement is chasing a suspect or when criminal activity is reported nearby. Schools will lock entries and exits, but classes will go on as normal.

We will notify you about lockdowns through phone messages and email. Please be sure that you keep your contact information updated with your child’s school to get these notifications. Please understand that the information you see on social media or other sources may be inaccurate. Often, the best information available in one moment may be different hours or even minutes later. We will share the most accurate information available.

Picking Up Your Child 

We know that you will likely want to be with your child as soon as you hear of a possible threat. However, please understand that it may not be safe for you or your child if you immediately come to the school. We need to ensure that emergency responders can easily access the school. We also need to account for every student who came to school that day.

We will notify you as soon as it’s safe to pick up your child.