Student Schedules are now available

Student Schedules
Posted on 08/31/2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!


Class schedules are now available in PowerSchool!  Our Counselors have been working very hard to ensure all students have a schedule that a.) meets their graduation requirements and b.) honors their registration preferences.  If you believe that you are in need of a schedule change, please know that Counselors are working to prioritize schedule changes based upon the following criteria:

  • Is your schedule missing a period (i.e. do you have a hole in your schedule)? - Please email your Counselor with what course(s) you are hoping to add.
  • Does your schedule say "See Counselor"? - Please email your Counselor with a good phone number to reach you at.  Your Counselor will either email or call you to discuss your schedule.
  • Are you misplaced in a course?  For example, are you in Spanish 3 but should be in Spanish 1?  Email your Counselor with what needs to be adjusted.
  • Do you want to know why you didn't get a particular course?  Most likely, the course you were hoping for was either cancelled or did not work with your schedule.  Counselors did their best to honor your first or second choice requests.  Due to limited time & numerous changes to our schedule, Counselors were not able to call/email every student and, in some situations, Counselors had to select a course on your behalf, as was explained during the Registration process.  In these situations, Counselors did their best to make sure your schedule is helping you to meet CKSD Graduation Requirements.
  • Do you just want to discuss your options? - Counselors are working as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee a timely response to these inquiries.  If you have a full schedule, please follow your schedule, email your Counselor your request & they will do their best to respond. 

Beginning on Sept. 8th, Counselors will be taking appointments through their BookMe links.  Please see our Counseling website under "Contact Us" for more information.

Please be aware that courses are scheduled at or near capacity at this time, and preferential schedule changes (i.e., changes that are not required per a students' graduation requirements) may not be prioritized or possible at this time.