Cabinet & Executive Board

Mission Statement

From the CKHS Constitution: 

"The ASB Executive Board shall manage the business of ASB and shall act in a legislative capacity. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to determine the ASB policy, to review and pass legislation, to monitor and approve funds, to provide a link from the students to the faculty and staff, and to make decisions in the best interest of Central Kitsap High School."

Meetings: Thursday, 7:15 AM in Room 1152
All meetings are open to Students



  • President - Ally Toms
  • Vice President - Conner Huey
  • Treasurer - Landon Lee
  • Secretary - Johnny Willems

Executive Board 


  • President - Cody Hall
  • Vice President - 


  • President - Grace Schenk
  • Vice President - Tyler Potter


  • President - Meghan Landon
  • Vice President - Jasmine San Juan


  • President - Haley Robinson
  • Vice President -  Khazzi Villanueva

Judiciary and Liaisons 

  • Chief Justice - Delaney Homewood
  • Athletics - Tori Kolbas
  • Arts - Hannah Hoftiezer and Tessa Jepsen
  • Clubs - Jessejames Aguigui and Becca Roy
  • Public Relations - Maddy Anderson and Darcy Ribada
  • DLP - Hannah Hoftiezer
  • Off Campus - Kyle Zeng and Emmalee Peck