Digital Habits Survey

In early February of 2017, the ASB ran a survey assessing the student body's various attitudes towards digital technology.  The results of that survey are presented here.

Basic report

This report summarizes the results for each survey question:

More detailed report

This report (barely) starts to explore the relationships between the data's variables in search of correlations.  It is a "zipped" or compressed HTML document.  To view it, you must first "unzip" or uncompress the archive.

On Microsoft Windows, simply right-click the zip archive in 'File
Explorer' and select the menu item "Extract" or "Extract here".  On GNU/Linux (or similar) systems, use the command "unzip".

The archive's contents should be uncompressed into a new folder named "preliminary-admin-report".  In this new folder will be several files; open the file 'index.html' to view the report.

In 'index.html', there are two frames with scrollbars.  The top frame has a tree map of various plots in the report; clicking on the names of the plots will move the bottom frame to the associated plot and its commentary.  Of course, you may scroll around at will in either frame.


Survey Data (CSV)

Because the "more detailed" report only scratches the surface of the data, the ASB has made available here the survey data (minus comments) for analysis.