Support Programs

We have many options for meeting your child’s learning needs at all levels. Please talk with your child’s teacher or school counselor about the most appropriate resources for your child. Many of these programs, with the exception of Barker Creek Community School, are overseen by our  Student Services department. You can learn more about our programs by following the links below.

Special Education Services

Helps students who need specially designed instruction and/or services to achieve success in school. To learn more, visit our Special Services page.

Special Education Referral

To refer your child for special education services, please contact your child’s school psychologist and complete the Special Education referral form (PDF).

When we receive a referral, we may decide that your child needs an evaluation. In an evaluation, a team with members from many specialties will assess your child. They will identify your child’s needs and recommend services and programs.

Highly Capable

Helps learners who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences and environment. Some places refer to these as “gifted” services. To learn more, visit our Highly Capable section.

Summer Programs

Students can broaden learning and review skills through a variety of programs, from career and technical education classes to summer camps and support and credit recovery classes. Learn more on our Summer Programs page.

Barker Creek Community School

Through BCCS's Parent Partnership program, we support home-based instruction with curriculum and enrichment opportunities; BCCS also offers online classes through its Online Academy. Visit the school’s website to learn more.

Help for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Students in our district who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime home may qualify for extra help. We work with families to help students stay in school and access stable services. Learn more on our Services for Homeless Students page.

Multilingual Education Program

Helps students learn English language skills, as well as support academic learning in the regular classroom. To learn more, visit the district's Multilingual Education Program page.

Native American Education

Provides programs for students of Native American descent. Find out more on our Native American Education page..