Helping Students in Need

Helping Students in Need
Posted on 05/04/2020
Attention CKHS community:

Like most schools in the country, CKHS has a fair number of students and families who are impacted financially by Covid 19. The desire by many to reach out and help has been heartwarming. For those of you who would like to help our students in need, we have an opportunity for you. Central Kitsap School District Food Services has an established method for donors to help students who need help with paying for their school lunch accounts. If you or someone you know is wishing to donate, all they need to do is follow these simple steps with the help of their computer and access to the internet:
  • Login on
  • User Name: N9992615
  • Password: CKHSMM (case sensitive)
  • Click on Don CKHSMM
  • Click on “Items At Students School including Food Service”
  • Click on “Lunch”
  • Click on “Lunch Donation”
  • Enter $$ amount you wish to donate
  • Click “Buy”
  • Checkout