Principal Message

Principal Message
Posted on 12/03/2021

Dear Central Kitsap High School Students and Families,


We would like our students and families to know that the physical, social, and emotional safety of all students is our number one priority. All reports brought forward are investigated and taken seriously. Please connect with any trusted staff member for any concern that your student may have or may have witnessed. Our goal is to make sure Central Kitsap is a welcoming place for all students. The image below is a sign that is available throughout the school, and in every classroom of our building. The included QR Code allows students to report (anonymously, if they wish) a concern of school safety, including Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB).


We know that our students are doing great things on social media. We have also seen concerning activity and ask that if you see the same to please both report to school officials AND we also encourage all students and families to flag and report any inappropriate or harassing social media postings to the respective company (e.g., Instagram.) An increase in reporting may help the organizations recognize the seriousness of our concern.


From ASB and Activities

This year we had 39 families send in requests for donations with 329 gifts on the registries in total. We are requesting donations from anyone in a position to help us purchase these items on behalf of the requesting CKHS families. 

At the end of this communication are the full directions and the Amazon registries broken down by each CKHS family that is requesting donations. We will be accepting gift purchases through December 10 at midnight. 


ASL Winter Event - Our CKHS ASL club will be hosting a fun school-wide event in the CKHS Commons after school on Thursday, December 9 from 1:05-2:30. Many CKHS clubs will be hosting games and activities that will be open to all students that choose to stay after school. 

Service Week 2021 Class of 2024 ASB will be hosting four school-wide charity drives the week of December 13-17. 

1. Kidzz Helping Kidzz Toy Drive- Kidzz Helping Kidzz is a local organization working to provide toys for kids in hospitals in the Puget Sound Area.  

2. New Beginnings Closet Winter Clothes Drive- New Beginnings Closet provides clothes for families in need in Kitsap County. Bring winter clothes such as coats, gloves, scarves, hoodies, etc. 

3. Pet Supplies Drive for Kitsap Humane Society: Presented by CKHS's Cougars 4 Compassion Club- Donate new pet food, toys, blankets, and hygiene products for pets.  

4. Holiday Card-Making: Presented by CKHS's French Club- Make cards for people in retirement homes and hospitals around the area. Materials will be available during all lunches to make cards. 

All donation boxes and card-making materials will be available in the commons from December 13-17. We are hoping to get as many donations as possible so please bring in toys, pet products, and winter clothes!


Safety Procedures Update

Based on updated guidance, all students will no longer be required to sanitize their hands prior to entering the school building each morning. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at each entrance for students to access independently.

Upon entry all visitors/volunteers and vendors will still be required to wash and/or sanitize their hands.



Yearbooks are on Sale

Exciting news: Yearbooks are now on sale! Our yearbook team is hard at work capturing every part of the 2021-2022 school year.

How or purchase a Yearbook or Yearbook Donation 

Yearbooks are $50.00  

Go to:  

The username is the student ID number.  

The password is the last name (first letter needs to be capitalized) 

To make a payment click on, “Items at Student’s School including Food Service”.  Then click on the Yearbook tab and select Yearbook or Yearbook Donation.  You can enter in the quantity then click on Buy.  Then click Checkout on the top right.  The rest should be straight forward. 

The yearbook staff is grateful to have this opportunity to preserve your student's memories from this monumental year. Thank you for supporting our school. -CK Yearbook Staff



Moving or have information to update?

Are you moving, have contact information changes, or  withdrawing your student from CKHS?   If so,  please call our registrar, Mrs. Snyder, at 360-662-2448 to update information and if needed to complete the withdrawal process.


Test to Stay

The Department of Health has a new testing option for close contacts to help minimize student absences. 

The program, called Test to Stay, was created in coordination with state and local health officials. Test to Stay allows students who are unvaccinated, were exposed to COVID-19 at school, and who do not have symptoms to continue going to classes if they follow Test to Stay rules, including periodic testing. Learn more about the rules: Test to Stay CKSD




Our theme for December is Dare to DREAM.  E-mail us at;  “Like us” on our Facebook page: ; Visit us on our website ; Follow us on Instagram@CKHSPTSA; and for SENIOR families participate in the conversations on our “CKHS Class of 2022” FB page

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and we continue to be THANKFUL as we share our DREAMs. Two years ago, this group was slated to dissolve. We are now meeting our goals and DREAMing of things we can do for our Cougar Community. We have a DREAM executive board full of diversity and representing much of our One Cougar Nation. We will need three new officers for next year - could it be you???

They dreamed up a need- and we responded. We were able to donate some bottles of water in November to our new CKHS security team (Helen, Coach T, and Officer Corey) that they can share with students as needed. We are happy to have them along in our Cougar Community!

THANK YOU! We are now at 93 members (+7 since our last newsletter; 63 families, 2 students, and 28 staff) and we will have a prize for our 100th member to join. We DREAM of the day that our membership can return to a time when membership averaged around 250! There are now over 200 people who follow us on FB. Please convert that “like and follow” to a membership. We can really make an impact in the Cougar Community as we combine our collective efforts. Remember, up to $75 of membership is tax deductible and ALL donations are 100% deductible. This includes donations for the Class of 2022. JOIN us using this link: 

Did you know that the PTSA and the ASB and administration had a conversation last week about how to help the students at CKHS? We asked our student rep for input about how lunch was going and if an extra microwave would help efficient lunch timing. After good dialogue and partnership- a third microwave was located. Thanks to the ASB team that maintains the microwaves!!! We will be DREAMING up another CAREs project to help our Cougar Community.

 The Class of 2022 is busy DREAMing up fundraising ideas and opportunities. They are seeking sponsors ($100+) and business donations. for Senior Night in June: Any help is needed due to the break in momentum from COVID. We also hope that someone will come forward and offer to create a “study snack pack” or “1/2 way there” acknowledgement for our Senior students in January.

 URGENT: DEADLINE EXTENDED! Dare to DREAM with your student this holiday and encourage them to create an entry for REFLECTIONS. The new deadline is now Monday, 01/03/22 by 9pm. We are THANKFUL for the return of live performances and school concerts and are in the process of DREAMing up a new CKHS PTSA performing arts event. REFLECTIONS, the National PTA program for the arts, has the theme “I will change the world by…” Please visit the WA state PTA website to learn more about this program:  Please note- there is a category for special needs’ students! Entries are due emailed to using this entry link to register

Winter Wishes Donating Instructions

1. Pick one registry link listed below. Picking gifts from multiple registries will result in gifts being sent to the wrong address. Therefore, if you would like to purchase items from multiple registries, PLEASE do this in separate transactions.

2. Add to your Amazon Cart whichever item(s) you want to purchase from that one registry

3. Proceed to Checkout

4. When prompted to choose a shipping address, change address to Winter Wishes Family (#) Address. The full address will be hidden for privacy but it is essential that you pick this address to send the gift(s) to. 

5. Complete checkout process and place order

6. As a reminder, if you would like to purchase items from multiple registries, PLEASE do this in separate transactions. Each of the links below represents a different family, and therefore, a different shipping address. 


Registry Number










































Thank you all.


Craig Johnson

Principal, Central Kitsap High School