ASB Financial Reports
Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are raised on behalf of students. They're used for optional, extracurricular events, such as clubs or social events. We cannot use these funds for graded student activities.

Each year, we provide a summary report of ASB account balances by school. Find your school's report below.

Elementary Schools

School   2016-17 2015-16 
Brownsville Elementary Report (pdf) Report (pdf)
Clear Creek Elementary Report (pdf) Report (pdf)
Cottonwood Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf)
Cougar Valley Elementary  Report (pdf) Report (pdf) 
Emerald Heights Elementary Report (pdf) Report (pdf) 
Esquire Hills Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf)
Green Mountain Elementary   Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 
Hawk Elementary at Jackson Park   Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 
PineCrest Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 
Silver Ridge Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 
Silverdale Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 
Woodlands Elementary Report (pdf)  Report (pdf) 

Secondary and Community Schools

School   2016-17  2015-16 
Barker Creek Community School 
Report (pdf)  
Central Kitsap Middle Report (pdf) Report (pdf) 
Fairview Middle Report (pdf) Report (pdf) 
Ridgetop Middle Report (pdf)  Report (pdf)
Klahowya Secondary Report (pdf) Report (pdf)
Central Kitsap High Report (pdf) Report (pdf)
Olympic High Report (pdf) Report (pdf)