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With Google Meets not being required, this year has been confusing (for students, families, and us too!) when it comes to taking attendance for our classes. Please know that we are required to take attendance even in a virtual environment. That said, we consider a student “in attendance” as one who has engaged with each of their classrooms in one of three ways: (1) active participation in a Google Meet—if a student chooses to attend, (2) contacting the teacher via email or phone, or (3) submitting completed work to the Google Classroom.  Basically, students should engage in one way or another in order to be counted as present.


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Meet our teachers, counselors and library staff, learn how to set up a parent portal for PowerSchool. Clink on the link provided to access all this great information!
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The concept of educational equity goes beyond formal equality — where all students are treated the same — to fostering a barrier-free environment where all students have the opportunity to benefit equally. Tell us when you have a concern about equity issues within CKHS using our equity concern form. The completed form will be  shared with the CKHS Equity Team.
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