Meeting Rooms

Our library has two small meeting rooms and one of them is available for students to reserve for academic needs.  The Rainier Room is provided for school purposes rather than purely social gatherings.  

The following guidelines are included on the reservation form:

Our group has a school appropriate purpose for meeting.
Our group is 1 to 6 people.
The room will be left in the same condition we found it.
Two reservations per week is the maximum without permission from library staff (no switching group members to circumvent this.)
Noise level shall not disturb regular library activities of reading, studying, or quiet contemplation.
Privileges may be revoked for non-compliance with these guidelines.
AV equipment to use the large display is checked out to a group member at the time of reservation.

Click the image or scan the QR code to make your reservation 
 Rainier door sign  Rainier Room QR View Bookings