During the Coronavirus Closure, we have heard about some additional opportunities for both requesting a tutor and volunteering to tutor.  
One is an effort led by a former Cougar and current college student at Brown University.
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Volunteer form

Central Kitsap High School has a long and successful academic tradition. For many students, that can often result in stressful attempts to keep up with the demands.  Fortunately, it also means we have a number of previously successful students who are willing to help others.

Math Teachers provide tutoring in the library Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3 to 4 PM, and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7 to 7:45.  No signup is required.

Other suggestions:
1. See the details on the linked page about the public library's Brainfuse Homework Helper service.
2. Use your tutorial time to visit your teacher. Remember to arrange that with your tutorial and your content teachers ahead of time.
3. Ask your teacher for help specifically.
4. See your counselor to find out how else they can help.

Use the links below to volunteer or to request some help.

Sign up to be a Tutor here.

Some benefits of volunteering:
1. It makes you a good person.  People like kindness and kind people.
2. It helps you reinforce your own learning.
3. You can check off service hours for Key Club or Honor Society.
4. The library will give you food.  Please make suggestions for what you like.