Limited Service Routes

We may need to change bus schedules for bad weather and other situations. In bad weather, we will announce changes by 6 a.m. 


We will contact parents in the following ways:

  • Automated phone call (please keep your phone number updated with your school)
  • School and district websites
  • E-news (email to families)
  • District Facebook account

Limited Bus Service Stops

In bad weather, we may limit bus service routes based on road conditions. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.              

Please note:

  • Students who are picked up at a limited bus service stop in the morning are dropped off at the same stop in the afternoon
  • Students need to arrive at the limited bus service stop by the normal time for their regular stop. However, when schools open two hours late, bus stops are also two hours late.
  • Please talk with your child about how to stay safe while walking and waiting.

If you live on one of the roads below, use the designated limited bus service stop. If your road is NOT listed, your child can catch the bus at his or her regular stop.

Westside – Central

Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Caitlin St (and all roads off of Caitlin St)

Eldorado Blvd @ Caitlin St

Iskra Blvd (and all roads off of Iskra Blvd)

Eldorado Blvd @ Iskra Blvd

Eldorado Blvd (south of Rydan Ct)

Eldorado Blvd @ Rydan Ct

Discovery Ridge Ct

Dickey Rd @ Discovery Ridge Ct

Dickey Rd (south and west of Silverdale Elementary School)

Silverdale Elementary School 

Twelve Oaks Development, Eastwind Development

Anderson Hill Rd @ Sirocco Cir

Leeway Ave

Anderson Hill Rd @ Leeway Ave

Highland Ct

Frontier Pl @ CK Complex near the tennis courts

Westside — North (including Ridgetop)

Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Derryfield Dr, Ridgepark Pl, Marigold Dr.

Ridgetop Blvd @ Derryfield Dr, Marigold Dr
Ridgepoint Dr

Ridgetop Blvd @ Ridgepoint Dr (both entrances)

Pinnacle Ct, Crossridge Ave, Plateau Cir

Ridgetop Blvd @ Pinnacle Ct, Plateau Cir
Spinnaker Blvd (and all roads off of), Richardson Rd, Fredrickson Rd, Sid Uhnick Dr, Chena Rd 

Bucklin Hill Rd @ Spinnaker Blvd (both entrances), Richardson Rd, Fredrickson Rd
Sid Uhnick Dr @ Chena Rd

Munson Rd, Silverdale Loop Rd, Lowell St

Silverdale Way @ 76 Station on Anderson Hill Rd

Forest Creek Dr

Silverdale Way @ Forest Creek Dr

Hosman Cir

Old Frontier Rd @ Hosman Cir

Gustafson Rd

Westgate Rd @ Gustafson Rd

Olympic View Rd (north of Fire Station #52), Olympic View Loop Rd

Olympic View Fire Station #52

Melody Ln, Shadow Glen Blvd

Clear Creek Rd @ Melody Ln, Shadow Glen Blvd

Willamette Meridian Rd (north portion), Ioka Way, Ioka Dr

Willamette Meridian Rd @ Paddington Ct

Willamette Meridian Rd (south portion)

Willamette Meridian Rd @ Airpark Ct

Anderson Hill Rd (from west of Willamette Meridian Rd to Anderson Landing)

Anderson Hill Rd @ Willamette Meridian Rd

Westside — South

Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Country Ln, Ridgeway Ln

Chico Way @ Lakeview Dr 

Rooney Rd

Provost Rd @ Rooney Rd (south entrance)

Old Sawmill Pl

Seabeck Hwy @ Old Sawmill Pl

Sesame St, Tieton Pl

Newberry Hill Rd @ Sesame St, Tieton Pl
Jackson Park Housing

Snoqualmie Pass St/Cascade Pass Blvd loop will be serviced


Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Anderson Hill Rd (from west of Willamette-Meridian Rd to Seabeck Hwy)

Seabeck Hwy @ Anderson Hill Rd

Pioneer Rd

Lone Rock bus shed (11165 Seabeck Hwy)

Stavis Bay Rd, Miami Beach Rd (past Seaview Dr), Maple Ln, Misery Point Rd, Seaview Dr

Miami Beach Rd @ Seaview Dr

Larson Ln, Northwoods Rd (Seabeck Heights Development)

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Larson Ln

Hite Center Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Hite Center Rd

Christopher Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Christopher Rd (both entrances)

Lewis Rd, Peter Hagen Rd, One Mile Rd
Seabeck Holly Rd @ Peter Hagen Rd

Church Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Church Rd (both entrances)

Hintzville Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Hintzville Rd (both entrances)

Nellita Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Nellita Rd, Nellita Spur

Seabeck Holly Rd (west of Old Holly Hill Rd), Dewatto Rd

Seabeck Holly Rd @ Old Holly Hill Rd (top of hill)

Chum Ln, Chinook Cir, Silver Ln, Brook Ln, Dolly Varden Ln, Kokanee Ln

Coho Run @ Chum Ln, Silver Ln, Brook Ln, Dolly Varden Ln, Kokanee Ln

Big Beef Crossing (and all roads off of Big Beef Crossing) 
Coho Run @ Big Beef Crossing

All Lake Tahuyeh Roads, Camp Sundown Rd, Gold Creek Rd

Lake Tahuyeh Fire Station #55

Wildcat Lake Rd

Holly Rd @ Lakeview Ave
Holly Rd @ Wildcat Lake Rd


Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Olson Rd

Bucklin Hill Rd @ Olson Rd
Silver St, Huckle Dr, Fairwood Way

Nels Nelson Rd @ Silver St, Huckle Dr, Fairwood Way

Firglade Dr

Stampede Blvd @ Firglade Dr
Nichols Ave, Tracy Ave

May St @ Nichols Ave, Tracy Ave
Hansberry St @ Nichols Ave, Tracy Ave
Vena St

Hansberry St @ Vena St

Sandra Ln, Bunker St

Riddell Rd @ Sandra Ln, Bunker St

Beaumont Ln, Pinecrest Dr

Pine Rd @ Beaumont Ln, Pinecrest Dr

Sylvan Way, Reagan Ave, Bristlecone Dr, Monticola Dr

Pinewood Community Pool (Pinecone Dr @ Sugar Pine Dr)

David Dr, Roswell Dr, Normandy Dr, Clogston Ave, Eastmark St

Pine Rd @ David Dr, Roswell Dr, Normandy Drive, Flagstone Ln, Eastmark St

Gillette Ave, Pearl St (and all roads off of Pearl St)

Pine Rd @ Pearl St

Lazy S Ln

John Carlson Rd @ Lazy S Ln

Winters Rd

Hwy 303 @ Winters Rd
John Carlson Rd @ Lazy S Ln

Forest Ridge Dr

John Carlson Rd @ Forest Ridge Dr

Woodmere Development/Treemont Neighborhood

McWilliams Rd @ Clover Blossom Ln

Quinault Dr

Arrowhead Dr @ Quinault Dr

Sunset Ave (north of Arrowhead Dr)

Sunset Ave @ Arrowhead Dr
John Carlson Rd (east of Aegean Blvd) 73rd Ave, 72nd Ave, Trica Ave

Aegean Blvd @ John Carlson Rd, 73rd Ave, 72nd Ave

Canoe Trail, University Point Cir

Illahee Road @ Canoe Trail, University Point Cir

Steele Creek Dr

Old Military Road @ Steele Creek Dr

Brownsville Hwy (north of Madison Rd)

Brownsville Hwy @ Madison Rd
Paulson Rd

Central Valley Rd @ Paulson Rd
Brownsville Hwy @ Daily Quik Stop (south of Ogle Rd)

Ogle Rd

Brownsville Hwy @ Madison Rd
Brownsville Hwy @ Daily Quik Stop 
(south of Ogle Rd)


Roads Not Served

Limited Bus Service Stops

Sam Houston Dr

Thresher Ave @ Sam Houston Dr

Michigan Dr (and all roads off of Michigan Dr)

Thresher Ave @ Michigan Dr
Capelin Dr

Thresher Ave @ Capelin Dr
Grayback Cir (and all roads off of Grayback Cir)

Thresher Ave @ Grayback Cir                                                             
Albacore Cir  
Scorpion Ave @ Albacore Cir (both entrances)

Bonefish Cir

Scorpion Ave @ Bonefish Cir (both entrances)
Tullibee Cir

Scorpion Ave @ Tullibee Cir (both entrances)

Perch Cir, Pickerel Cir

Trigger Ave @ Perch Cir