To report an absence, call Patty Aflleje in the attendance office at 360-662-2430 or email pattya@ckschools.org.  Please be sure to include your child's full name, your name, and the reason for your child's absence. Please share the specific reason for the absence — particularly if your child has flu or respiratory symptoms.

Visit our attendance page for more information about our attendance policies and consequences. 

Attendance Matters!
With Google Meets not being required, this year has been confusing (for students, families, and us too!) when it comes to taking attendance for our classes. Please know that we are required to take attendance even in a virtual environment. That said, we consider a student “in attendance” as one who has engaged with each of their classrooms in one of three ways: (1) active participation in a Google Meet—if a student chooses to attend, (2) contacting the teacher via email or phone, or (3) submitting completed work to the Google Classroom. Basically, students should engage in one way or another in order to be counted as present.