Associated Student Body

Student government allows students to gain experience in leadership and democracy.  Students elected and appointed to positions oversee various aspects of school culture, climate, and operations through clubs and athletics.  ASB supports many of the athletic and activities at CKHS in various aspects.  Students involved in athletics and ASB are required to purchase an ASB card, yielding discounts to athletic events and school activities.

Cabinet Appointed Positions

  • Chief Justice 
  • Athletics Liaison 
  • Arts Liaison
  • Clubs Liaison
  • Public Relations Liaison
  • Off Campus Liaison

ASB Cabinet and Executive Board

The ASB Cabinet consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The Executive Board consists of the entire Cabinet as well as each Class ASB's President and Vice President and the several Liaisons.  The Executive Board plans school events, manages school funds, and acts on students' concerns.

Meetings: Thursday, 7:15 AM in room 1152.
All meetings are open to Students

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ASB Class Meetings:

All students are invited to attend class meetings on Thursdays after school.  See Mr. Sullivan in the Activities office for more information or contact your class advisor.

Senior Class Advisor: Audrey Ngo

Junior Class Advisor:  Joshua Peretti

Sophomore Class Advisor:  Katherine Miller

Freshman Class Advisor: Eric Randall



Meeting Location: Room 3217
Adviser: Mrs. Ngo


Meeting Location: Room 3232
Adviser: Mr. Peretti


Meeting Location: Room 2206
Adviser: Mrs. Miller


Meeting Location: Room 2201
Advisor: Mr. Randall

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The ASB Judiciary interprets ASB Constitutions and Contracts and determines the constitutionality of ASB actions.  Meetings are every other Thursday right after school in the Activities Office.
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