CKHS Peer Tutoring

Forms for getting started are below.  To make everyone aware and maintain a safe working environment, the first step for both volunteers and those requesting a tutor is to get a parent or guardian to sign our permission form below.  They should do this with their own email account.  When matching volunteers to students who are requesting a tutor this is the first thing we will check.

The information we collect on the forms below will establish how many tutors we have, areas of expertise, and contact information.  When requests are made we will try to match the need to a tutor.  Tutors will be asked if they are available and then given the requesting student's contact information.

Tutoring sessions will be conducted independently by the students without direct staff supervision.  We are unable to provide video conferencing on District equipment.  Recommended tools are KRL's Brainfuse service, Jamboard, or shared Google docs.   

Parent Acknowledgement Form

Volunteer to be a tutor

Request a tutor